Sexual Disorientation – an opinion essay by the Traditional Values Coalition


Washington, DC – Last fall, a lesbian judge in Brockton, Massachusetts ruled that a junior high school boy was entitled to wear a dress, padded bras, and a wig to school. The boy’s therapist had concluded he was suffering from a Gender Identity Disorder. Instead of helping the boy overcome his sexual disorientation, the therapist [...]

Will you be better off 4 years from now?


It was asked last week if you are better off today than you were 8 years ago. Let’s ask another question, will you be better off 4 years from now? Look at some of what Al Gore is asking you to accept and ask yourself if this is something that will benefit you, and the [...]

The credit and the blame


Al Gore has been able to advance his political campaign based on a large degree on the peace and prosperity of the last 8 years. He is taking credit for being there while this Administration has guided our "success". In all things if you are going to take the credit for the good, you should [...]

Get Over It!


It’s rather hard to miss just how different society is in America today, as opposed to say some 25 – 30 years ago. The Federal Gov’t has been edging itself in to every facet of our lives for much longer, but somehow it seems that it’s become worse in the last 40 years. Not surprisingly [...]

Why is it hateful or intolerant when Christians invite others to share in what they have?


Again this week I have heard that I am intolerant and hateful because of what I believe. I understand that this would happen, as my Savior told me that it would. However, logically it still just does not fit. Let me explain. Here is what I believe. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth [...]

The War on Savings


Before addressing the death tax let’s reflect on the inherent bias the government has on savings. Since the enactment of the modern income tax, the basis for taxation has expanded in line with the needs of a rapacious national government. As with any government program, a simple concept, taxing income, has blossomed into a jury [...]

Shooting in Atlantis Plastics Plant Henderson, Ky. claims five lives


By Prateek Verma It was yet another case of hot blooded impulsive random shooting which claimed five lives and left another two injured. An employee had some argument with his supervisor and in a fit of rage, he walked out of the plant only to return with a handgun after sometime. According to the police [...]