From: J. Menicucci To: Chas


Current events have underscored the folly of the Seventeenth Amendment. I refer to the firestorm being created by liberal special interest groups to defeat the nominations of Chavez, Ashcroft and Norton. Had the 17th Amendment not been adopted, the problem would not be of this gravity. What standards should be applied by the Senate in [...]

From: J. Menicucci To: The LRG


Our government does not have to recognize and protect intellectual property, but I agree with the Founding Fathers that it makes sense to do so. The question then becomes how and to what extent intellectual property should have protection. I am not sure whether you are arguing for a free right of copying and trading [...]

From: Roy K To: Walter Compton


I don’t have a whole lot of ideas to add here, since it seems pretty clear that the solution is deregulation and there isn’t a whole lot of question about that. I will add some hard data. The boilermaker’s argument largely concerned California. I have lived in the Democratic People’s Republic of California for 6 [...]

From: Hudson hermit


Well, George W. Bush is not as conservative as Ronald Reagan. The American Ponzi scheme (Social Security) and the eventual promise of universal health care (Medicare) will be sustained as the socialist stain on our country. Yes, these failed programs will be propped up by a President Bush. But it was not entirely sour. Finally, [...]

From: Dan Dickinson To: J. Menicucci


As bad as the Transfer tax system is, and I think that its narrow application and punitive rates are enough to render it unreasonable, standing up on C-Span to argue for repeal of this ‘tax on the rich’ plays out about the same as giving yourself a pay raise. I agree with you. The tax [...]

From: J. Menicucci


Hermit, you have made some good points in questioning the adequacy of the Republican party for conservatives. I think there are some points you have overlooked, and there are some with which I cannot agree. Since agreement can be pretty boring, I will just focus on those few points of disagreement. First, you seem to [...]