Reasoning hermit from Hudson


How do I feel? Sad. I feel somber because of the distrust I have over the contest of this election. The melancholy does not disappear when my presidential choice is certified the winner. The distrust will remain after victory. I agree with you Walter, that in a real sense, this country has crossed a threshold [...]

Elian Revisited – a hermit from Hudson


I wonder about the phariseeism of political slogan that “it’s for the children.” Often (and especially with liberals), it’s couched with state sponsored care of children, be it education or child health care. Given the spectacular inadequacy of state run anything and the embroilment over Elian, I have two questions. Are children really a priority? [...]

Nattering Nabobs of Negativism by a hermit from Hudson


Yes, Spiro Agnew said it first. Except this time, the nattering nabobs are not just members of the elite liberal press. Conservatives have joined in. Somehow Reagan’s lesson in optimism never stuck. Witness John Derbyshire who wrote a month ago, “Are you beginning to get that sinking feeling? The feeling, I mean, that we – [...]

Educating the Voter by a hermit from Hudson


Some people seem to think that elections are popularity races. Some seem to think that voters choose their candidate on issues, like a grocery list, and the candidate who has the most checkmarks on the list will get their vote. These people believe that this is just a mass media expenditure, they believe this is [...]

What’s Wrong with Being an Ideologue? – Hudson hermit


In his recent columns, you can see that Jonah Goldberg is struggling with the concept of a conservative ideology. He stills struggles to believe that “conservatism is the negation of ideology.” After the victory in the Cold War, conservatives thought that they could just return home and settle down. They were wrong. Just like Frodo [...]

Is the GOP the correct party for conservatives? by a hermit from Hudson


After I had grumbled my disaffection with the GOP, a conservative firebrand admonished me: “So leave already. They lied to you to get your vote. You will have to look elsewhere for those principles you obviously cherish.” A good point In order to keep people like me in line, the subject of future Supreme Court [...]