The United Nations by J. Menicucci


Should the United States remain in the United Nations? The answer to the question depends on whether there is greater utility in advancing American interests by remaining a member, or by withdrawing. One clearly unacceptable course is the status quo: to continue to fund and maintain an international organization as an instrument through which the [...]

The Second Amendment – J. Menicucci


I suggest that the Second Amendment was intended from the moment of its adoption to apply to the States as well as the Federal government. This interpretation has not yet received the endorsement of the courts, although there are parts of certain court opinions which support my thesis. As with any sound constitutional analysis, we [...]

Is the Abolition of the Estate Tax a Feather in the Republican’s Caps, or a Mark on their Heads? by J. Menicucci


The Republican-controlled Congress has passed a bill to phase out the Estate and Gift Tax. It appears to be headed for a Presidential veto and a prominent role in the campaign. I must depart from some of my Conservative friends, because I do not view abolishing the Estate Tax as entirely positive. First, let me [...]