The United Nations by The Mighty Fahvaag


Well, how to begin? Actually, the words of JA Scobie could mean something at this point, but I am afraid that finking them, or something pun-ish (sorry couldn’t resist), is not the answer. It would be nice to tell the UN scum to blow it out their collective ears. However what then what would such [...]

There are Some Amendments that are Dumb, but some are just plain stupid – by Chas


It is hard not to appreciate the wisdom and the insight of the Founding Fathers on the running and construction of the Republic that is the United States of America. Though it may be argued that some areas of the Constitution are too vague, it has been the groundwork for the most successful form of [...]

Environmentalism run amok – boilermaker Greg


Natural gas prices are at all time highs. California can’t glow for Christmas because of power shortages. Summer gasoline prices set records highs. Oil imports are at record levels. These all have a common thread – environmentalism run amok through the auspices of creeping socialism. Natural gas – 90% of the power (electric) generating capacity [...]

The Electoral College by The Mighty Fahvaag


Well, the founders of this nation got it right again. What am I saying? How did the founders anticipate a close election, and the selection of a President who didn’t win the popular vote? The Electoral College is stupid and unfair? Right? The winner of the popular vote nationwide should win, that is fair. Well, [...]

An Exercise in Division – Ron Gore


After fifty-two years of dealing with Arabs in general and thirty-three of dealing with Palestinians in particular, there are indications that the Israelis may be preparing to go it alone, to cut loose from the problem and let someone else worry about it. In a story by Deborah Sontag (NY Times News Service) datelined 20 [...]

Who Are We to Judge? – Gerald L. Hibbs


Chinese officials in the village of Caidian, in the central Hubei province took China’s one-child policy to its logical end recently when they drowned a healthy baby in front of its parents. The Hubei government carried out the rarely enforced law — among peasants in the countryside at least — after Mrs. Liu delivered her [...]

Is soccer really a game for liberals? by The Grand Poobah


Before addressing the death tax let’s reflect on the inherent bias the government has on savings. Since the enactment of the modern income tax, the basis for taxation has expanded in line with the needs of a rapacious national government. As with any government program, a simple concept, taxing income, has blossomed into a jury [...]