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The United Nations by J. Menicucci


Should the United States remain in the United Nations? The answer to the question depends on whether there is greater utility in advancing American interests by remaining a member, or by withdrawing. One clearly unacceptable course is the status quo: to continue to fund and maintain an international organization as an instrument through which the [...]

The United Nations by The Mighty Fahvaag


Well, how to begin? Actually, the words of JA Scobie could mean something at this point, but I am afraid that finking them, or something pun-ish (sorry couldn’t resist), is not the answer. It would be nice to tell the UN scum to blow it out their collective ears. However what then what would such [...]

My thoughts on the United Nations and the membership of the United States thereof


At the end of WWII, the UN was created as an organization in which the strongest military powers in the world (such as the USA, Russia, China, Britain and France) sought to control an agenda which furthered their individual nationalistic aims-and hence the creation of a super-body, the so-called Security Council, which could squash any [...]

Sexual Disorientation – an opinion essay by the Traditional Values Coalition


Washington, DC – Last fall, a lesbian judge in Brockton, Massachusetts ruled that a junior high school boy was entitled to wear a dress, padded bras, and a wig to school. The boy’s therapist had concluded he was suffering from a Gender Identity Disorder. Instead of helping the boy overcome his sexual disorientation, the therapist [...]

From: J. Menicucci To: Chas


Current events have underscored the folly of the Seventeenth Amendment. I refer to the firestorm being created by liberal special interest groups to defeat the nominations of Chavez, Ashcroft and Norton. Had the 17th Amendment not been adopted, the problem would not be of this gravity. What standards should be applied by the Senate in [...]