Sexual Disorientation – an opinion essay by the Traditional Values Coalition

Washington, DC – Last fall, a lesbian judge in Brockton, Massachusetts ruled that a junior high school boy was entitled to wear a dress, padded bras, and a wig to school. The boy’s therapist had concluded he was suffering from a Gender Identity Disorder. Instead of helping the boy overcome his sexual disorientation, the therapist and judge are helping him to go deeper into his psychosexual disorder.

In Maine, Frank Buble is currently on trial for attempting to kill his son Phillip, over the son’s sexual obsession with a dog named Lady. Phillip told reporters that his father needs "therapy" to overcome his hostility towards him. Phillip is an activist Zoophile, a person who has a sexual orientation directed toward animals.

On a sleazy online magazine called, Princeton University "ethicist" Peter Singer has gone public with a favorable essay on bestiality. In writing a review of Dutch biologist Mida Dekker’s book, "Dearest Pet: On Bestiality," Singer notes that the taboo against humans having sex with animals is based on Judeo-Christian morality and our desire to differentiate ourselves from the animals. According to Singer, we are just great apes, so why not strike down the bestiality taboo? Indeed, and why not strike down the cultural taboos against sex with children or dead people? After all, the pedophiles who run the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) are simply expressing their "sexual orientation," aren’t they? And Necrophiliacs would argue that they are only expressing their sexuality in a different way than you or I.

Homosexual activists have taken the leadership role in striking down sexual taboos in our culture. They have lobbied aggressively for laws protecting a person’s "sexual orientation." In many cases, uninformed state legislators have passed these laws without clearly defining what "sexual orientation" is or who it covers.

We are now discovering where this trend is going to lead us. There are a whole variety of sexually confused special interest groups that may soon be vying for protected class status under sexual orientation laws. They may include the following: Apotemnophilia: Those who are sexually aroused by the stumps of an amputee; Coprophagia: Sexual gratification from eating feces; Klismaphilia: Erotic pleasure derived from enemas; Urophilia: Sexual arousal from urine; and Incest: Sexual arousal by having sex with a son or daughter. Will all of these groups receive special legal protections under local, state, or federal "sexual orientation" laws?

If sexual orientation isn’t clearly defined in a statute, these perverted sexual behaviors will be protected by the law. If a community or state already has a sexual orientation law on the books, concerned citizens should work to overturn it. Sexual orientation and behavior should not be given protected legal status. These are sexual disorientations or psychosexual disorders. They should not be normalized by legislation or by the likes of Peter Singer who believes that the taboo against bestiality should be broken.

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