The United Nations by J. Menicucci

Should the United States remain in the United Nations? The answer to the question depends on whether there is greater utility in advancing American interests by remaining a member, or by withdrawing. One clearly unacceptable course is the status quo: to continue to fund and maintain an international organization as an instrument through which the jealous, insignificant Third World countries (and the French) seek to humiliate and weaken the United States.

This does not necessarily mean that the U.S. must withdraw from the U.N., however. There is a Third Way. No, I am not proposing a compromise with socialism in the manner of Tony Blair. My proposal involves the exercise of diplomatic virility in the service of American interests.

Now is not the first time that the member nations of the U.N. have sought to use it against the United States. In the late 1970′s we had a President and a U.N. Ambassador who permitted — and even encouraged — a bunch of backwater third world nations to use the United States as a punching bag at the U.N. When President Reagan was elected, he chose Jeane Kirkpatrick as our United Nations Ambassador. Together, they made it clear to the upstarts that this sort of nonsense at the U.N. would have serious consequences. The greatest excesses of the U.N. were temporarily curbed.

That sort of thing could be done again, if there is sufficient will in the current Administration. Remaining in the United Nations, but exerting the power and diplomacy at our disposal, would have certain benefits. The primary benefit is that we do not hand our enemies an institution that is still a useful instrument of propoganda.

If, however, we lack the testicular fortitude to reform the U.N. and punish misbehavior by its members, we would be better served to get out. If we withdraw, we should do so in a way that diminishes the remaining United Nations to the maximum extent. We should deprive it of a forum in the United States, and withdraw from every treaty or compact created under U.N. auspices. We should refuse to recognize any authority exercised under the name of the United Nations. This will necessarily exacerbate the rift between the United States and the rest of the world, and trade and diplomacy would suffer, but we should never provide our enemies with a club to be turned against us.

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