Nattering Nabobs of Negativism by a hermit from Hudson

Yes, Spiro Agnew said it first. Except this time, the nattering nabobs are not just members of the elite liberal press. Conservatives have joined in. Somehow Reagan’s lesson in optimism never stuck.

Witness John Derbyshire who wrote a month ago, “Are you beginning to get that sinking feeling? The feeling, I mean, that we – the good guys, the Republican party – are going to need a lot of luck to win this election?”

Derbyshire then goes on to explain the Whig Supremacy of the 18th Century and he darkly hinted at a possible Democrat supremacy in the 21st century.

My, my, my.

More than a year earlier, Jonah Goldberg, in one of his more lucid moments, quoted George Orwell, “Power-worship blurs political judgment because it leads, almost unavoidably, to the belief that present trends will continue.”

Goldberg continues with his insight on Bush’s popularity, “The current hysteria over George Bush is an even better example. The scores of ‘Washington hands’ who have told me for six months that George Bush is unbeatable, base it on little more than the W’s poll numbers.”

Jonah was right. And it was hysteria.

During this time frame, Bush supporters were telling me to drop Alan Keyes because he couldn’t win while insisting that Bush was the GOP’s best chance to win. I was never shaken from the belief that their primary reason for choosing Bush was just that, he could win.

Later after Bush’s nomination had been assured, I questioned whether the GOP is the party for conservatives. I expressed doubt about Bush’s bona fides. No, no, I was told, Bush is the last best hope, and we can not afford a conservative split now.

As Bush’s poll number’s went downhill, some of the loudest in demanding that everyone rally behind Bush were now complaining that Bush is blowing it. Stupid party this, stupid party that. I really found this humorous, because they were being sucked into the belief that they were going to lose by a lying liberal press that hoped to spin Gore into the White House.

Now, some of them are blaming the voters. Caution, people, caution. George Will warns, “In advanced stages of decrepitude, political movements ascribe their frustrations to the electorates’ intellectual shortcomings and moral corruption.” Yep, that’s about right. But I don’t agree with George Will’s solution, which appears to suggest that the GOP should move to the left. I disagree because the country is much more conservative than what the press would have us believe, and the country is more conservative than the campaigns of the two presidential candidates.

I have a theory about these negative Bushies. They’ve sold themselves to Bush on the implied deal that the GOP would win. Now they feel cheated, because their exercise in kingmaking has backfired. They picked George W. Bush, but deep down inside, Bush didn’t win them over.

Not me. George Bush won me over. He did it when he selected Dick Cheney as his running mate. He made the best choice, and didn’t bother with punditry or politics. This projected confidence and maturity. And it told me volumes about Bush’s management style — he will surround himself with competent people who can do the job. He made a pragmatic choice instead of a political choice. It told me that in his heart, Bush has the best interests of the country as his primary goal. In no way can this be said about Al Gore — he’ll just tell you anything to win.

Immediately after the GOP convention, I visited Right Minds Forum and punched in the poll, where I predicted the Bush would win with a slight electoral victory.

I haven’t changed my mind. George W. Bush will win.

There’s something you nattering nabobs on the conservative side need to remember. In politics, attitude is a tangible force. Your positive attitude projects into positive results. Smile… relax… annoy liberals.

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