Will you be better off 4 years from now?

It was asked last week if you are better off today than you were 8 years ago. Let’s ask another question, will you be better off 4 years from now?

Look at some of what Al Gore is asking you to accept and ask yourself if this is something that will benefit you, and the Country, and be something to look forward to over the next 4 years.

Health Care:

Al Gore claims: Uses the interest savings from debt reduction to keep Medicare solvent until at least 2030. This in theory may be a fine idea, but it is very short sighted in a number of ways. Debt reduction is a worthy goal, but without fundamental changes in Medicare you merely postpone the problem. Presently the over taxation of American’s give the Federal Coffers a "surplus", which is what Al gore wants to use to reduce the debt.

The burden to supply the payment of this debt, falls mostly on those who could better use the money to help educate their children, save for their later years and better take care of their families.

Not only does the plan of Al Gore not change the present system of Medicare, thus allowing it to continue to go "broke", he expects to expand the program, which by any reasonable type of accounting, increases cost. Will even higher cost of Medicare, a system designed as it is now and going broke, benefit you 4 years from now?

Will even more of Gov’t, telling you as a person requiring medical aid, wasting millions of dollars in expanded cost for "Administrators" be a benefit to you 4 years from now?

Social Security: Al Gore wants us to believe that we would be better served having the Gov’t, ever expanding the role of and increasing those who receive money and benefits, control 100% of not only what is paid that is needed, but also of the over payment.

Then again there is no plans on the table to change the system from al Gore. So his answer to a system going "broke" is to overcharge the American people. This really bothers me in this way; because we now are being over charged in Taxes, we are paying not only for those retired now, we are being charged , (or supposedly), money being set aside for when we retire and excess will help pay for those yet to retire.

That may or may not have some merit to it, but given the fact that the Gov’t wants to continue and expand benefits, it will not be there. Thus our children and grandchildren will be footing the bill for out of control spending. Without basic fundamental changes, no amount of taxation is going to "save" Social Security.


Offer tax cuts to those who need them most. With this plan, the tax burden on the typical family will be the lowest in 50 years. Let’s skip the fact that in ’92 we were promised a 10% tax cut that became the largest tax increase in history. Are you part of the 50 million that will receive no tax relief because you don’t fit Al Gore’s "Target Group"?

There are roughly 120 million tax payers in this Country now. The vast majority are paying more in taxes than at any time in their lives. Are you better served by having less of your paycheck? Will you be better off 4 years from now paying even more?

Better Gov’t: This Administration has thus far brought us;

HUD: $5 Billion in unaccountable spending and books so poorly kept it will take years to figure it out.

DOE: $500 million in unaccountable spending and $100 million all but completely lost and books so poorly kept it will, again, take years to sort out.

DOA: Millions diverted from programs such as feeding children to paint murals on walls, some on private property in LA.

Foreign Aid: $1 billion to Haiti, lost. Tens of million to Russia, lost. Billions to 3rd World Countries, uncollected and now being considered un-collectable.

Fraud: The GOA can’t even begin to account for the fraud and abuse in programs like Medicare, HUD and Social Security.

Is the Country, and you, better served, will you be better off in 4 years with an even larger Gov’t? Can the biggest expansion of Gov’t since LBJ, so big now it can’t control its accounting, waste, fraud and security be of a benefit to the individuals of America over the next 4 years?


Will you be better off for the next 4 years with a man that can’t settle on a "version" of his self? A man that doesn’t take the time to get the "little" things right, yet wants you to believe that he gets the big things right?

Will you be better off with a man that brags on welfare reform now, but is best remembered for the Administration that fought and vetoed the bill twice?

Or will you be better off with a man that claims his foreign policy legacy is dealing with Russia, only to find not only millions lost in aid to theft but secret pacts made that circumvented the Houses to allow Russia to violate, without repercussions, arm sale laws to enemy powers?

Are you going to be better off with a person that believed that the budget couldn’t be balanced in less than 10 years, instead of the 3 years it took, who’s grasp of economics is based on the higher the taxes, the better the people are going to provide?

Will you be better off in 4 years with "Campaign Finance Reform" from an Administration, (The director of the DOE, The first Lady, The President, The Vice President), that spends 10′s of millions in unearned tax dollars raising money for their campaign and their Party?

That advocate suing Health Care Providers while taking money from Trial Lawyers. Smut from Hollywood while using the fame of Stars and millions in donations to promote their agenda?

Will you be better off in 4 years with Al Gore?

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