From: J. Menicucci To: The LRG


Our government does not have to recognize and protect intellectual property, but I agree with the Founding Fathers that it makes sense to do so. The question then becomes how and to what extent intellectual property should have protection. I am not sure whether you are arguing for a free right of copying and trading [...]

Something Old and Someone New. LRG and Napster


Shame on all of you. And you call yourselves Conservatives? Let’s talk about what the customer can do now (without Internet technology) that is perfectly legal. I can buy a CD (or cassette) and make a copy of that CD on a cassette tape to listen to in my car. I can also make a [...]

From: Roy K To: Walter Compton


I don’t have a whole lot of ideas to add here, since it seems pretty clear that the solution is deregulation and there isn’t a whole lot of question about that. I will add some hard data. The boilermaker’s argument largely concerned California. I have lived in the Democratic People’s Republic of California for 6 [...]

Environmentalism run amok – boilermaker Greg


Natural gas prices are at all time highs. California can’t glow for Christmas because of power shortages. Summer gasoline prices set records highs. Oil imports are at record levels. These all have a common thread – environmentalism run amok through the auspices of creeping socialism. Natural gas – 90% of the power (electric) generating capacity [...]

What to do about the next time – Walter Compton


A president will be chosen. What can you do about the next time? If you do not or cannot vote then why bother to think about it. If you feel that the next elections will offer some opportunity for your vote to count then it becomes a serious matter. Can the system by which politicians [...]

Reasoning hermit from Hudson


How do I feel? Sad. I feel somber because of the distrust I have over the contest of this election. The melancholy does not disappear when my presidential choice is certified the winner. The distrust will remain after victory. I agree with you Walter, that in a real sense, this country has crossed a threshold [...]

When the Tally is in, how will you feel? – Walter Compton


The current presidential election is disturbing. I am a U.S. citizen by birth and residence. I have voted in prior elections and elections for other things in other groups. Some ended as I wished and others not so. I was always satisfied and accepted the outcome because I knew that there would be a next [...]

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