The Electoral College by The Mighty Fahvaag


Well, the founders of this nation got it right again. What am I saying? How did the founders anticipate a close election, and the selection of a President who didn’t win the popular vote? The Electoral College is stupid and unfair? Right? The winner of the popular vote nationwide should win, that is fair. Well, [...]

Elian Revisited – a hermit from Hudson


I wonder about the phariseeism of political slogan that “it’s for the children.” Often (and especially with liberals), it’s couched with state sponsored care of children, be it education or child health care. Given the spectacular inadequacy of state run anything and the embroilment over Elian, I have two questions. Are children really a priority? [...]

An Exercise in Division – Ron Gore


After fifty-two years of dealing with Arabs in general and thirty-three of dealing with Palestinians in particular, there are indications that the Israelis may be preparing to go it alone, to cut loose from the problem and let someone else worry about it. In a story by Deborah Sontag (NY Times News Service) datelined 20 [...]

Musical Piracy? No Such Thing – Own Drummer


There seems to be a lot of talk about this phenomenon, so let me weigh in with my 2 cents’ worth. I can’t take this one seriously, even as a 10-year veteran of a rock band. Basically, the anti-Napster movement is about royalties and “artistic property”, and the argument is not only ingenuous but silly. [...]

Will you be better off 4 years from now?


It was asked last week if you are better off today than you were 8 years ago. Let’s ask another question, will you be better off 4 years from now? Look at some of what Al Gore is asking you to accept and ask yourself if this is something that will benefit you, and the [...]

Nattering Nabobs of Negativism by a hermit from Hudson


Yes, Spiro Agnew said it first. Except this time, the nattering nabobs are not just members of the elite liberal press. Conservatives have joined in. Somehow Reagan’s lesson in optimism never stuck. Witness John Derbyshire who wrote a month ago, “Are you beginning to get that sinking feeling? The feeling, I mean, that we – [...]

Educating the Voter by a hermit from Hudson


Some people seem to think that elections are popularity races. Some seem to think that voters choose their candidate on issues, like a grocery list, and the candidate who has the most checkmarks on the list will get their vote. These people believe that this is just a mass media expenditure, they believe this is [...]

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