The credit and the blame


Al Gore has been able to advance his political campaign based on a large degree on the peace and prosperity of the last 8 years. He is taking credit for being there while this Administration has guided our "success". In all things if you are going to take the credit for the good, you should [...]

What’s Wrong with Being an Ideologue? – Hudson hermit


In his recent columns, you can see that Jonah Goldberg is struggling with the concept of a conservative ideology. He stills struggles to believe that “conservatism is the negation of ideology.” After the victory in the Cold War, conservatives thought that they could just return home and settle down. They were wrong. Just like Frodo [...]

Who Are We to Judge? – Gerald L. Hibbs


Chinese officials in the village of Caidian, in the central Hubei province took China’s one-child policy to its logical end recently when they drowned a healthy baby in front of its parents. The Hubei government carried out the rarely enforced law — among peasants in the countryside at least — after Mrs. Liu delivered her [...]

The Second Amendment – J. Menicucci


I suggest that the Second Amendment was intended from the moment of its adoption to apply to the States as well as the Federal government. This interpretation has not yet received the endorsement of the courts, although there are parts of certain court opinions which support my thesis. As with any sound constitutional analysis, we [...]

Get Over It!


It’s rather hard to miss just how different society is in America today, as opposed to say some 25 – 30 years ago. The Federal Gov’t has been edging itself in to every facet of our lives for much longer, but somehow it seems that it’s become worse in the last 40 years. Not surprisingly [...]

Why is it hateful or intolerant when Christians invite others to share in what they have?


Again this week I have heard that I am intolerant and hateful because of what I believe. I understand that this would happen, as my Savior told me that it would. However, logically it still just does not fit. Let me explain. Here is what I believe. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth [...]

From: Hudson hermit


Well, George W. Bush is not as conservative as Ronald Reagan. The American Ponzi scheme (Social Security) and the eventual promise of universal health care (Medicare) will be sustained as the socialist stain on our country. Yes, these failed programs will be propped up by a President Bush. But it was not entirely sour. Finally, [...]

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